Oct 2    Didn't get as cold last night as was predicted. Low of 46°, but is was windy. The red, yellow and green leaves on the trees in the park are a treat to behold. We opened the window so we could hear them rustling. Breakfast was a mushroom, pepper and onion omelet topped with string cheese. Fresh baked huckleberry scones put it over the top! Upon returning home from our Oregon vacation we had packaged a half cup of huckleberries in Ziploc sandwich bags, just the right amount for the scone recipe. Makes them real easy to use. After breakfast we took a long leisurely walk around the campground. The clouds coming over the mountains were eye candy. It's trips like this that lets us know we did good when we decided to buy the RV.

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Oct 1  The weather is great and we hadn't checked out the frig so we decided to go to Carson City for the night. Easy drive, spent the morning at the Nevada State Museum. Lunch was smoked turkey wraps, bean salad and pita chips. Later we drove to Piñon Plaza RV Resort to spend the night and perhaps avail ourselves to the entertainment possibilities that Nevada affords. Of course with our luck, after engaging in that type of entertainment we can not afford much for the next several days. Maybe we'll have better luck this time! Our luck was with us, though not in the way previously mentioned. Checking in, we found out they had just reduced their rates. October 1st begins their winter season and it's only $14 per night, actually $15.40 with all the taxes, from now until spring. The no vacancy sign indicated people liked the lower rates. At check-in we were asked if we were part of the golf group. Pulling into our site we noticed a lot of activity in the site right next to us. Turned out that was where the evening meal and gathering for the golf group was going to be held, just a small group of 40 people!
They were obviously in a quandary on how to set up, we had a small RV, so we said they could use the front of our site. Within five minutes, four picnic tables were carried and placed in that area. Since they were in front of us, we barely heard them, the wind came up later, the gathering ended early and everybody was happy. It's what makes RV'ing so special. Our dinner was buffalo chili, not the city, the animal. Buffalo has great flavor, low fat content and adds just the right amount of chewiness. Accompanied with grated cheese and pan toasted Nan, it was just the meal for a cool evening. As our grandson toasted marshmallows over the stove  and made a S'more, Linda and I ended the day with chocolate pudding.