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Monday July 1 Sacramento, California

Hot Day

Hot day, we didn't do anything, though we did take a mile walk this morning, so can say we did nothing. Both very much improved, hardly any coughing. Just nothing to write about. Compared to the illness of others we know, ours is nothing. And that is exactly what we did today, nothing. Oh, we both took long naps, even that was really nothing. As Mark Twain so aptly put it: "Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today."

And looking back at our day, that is exactly happened.

Tuesday July 2 Sacramento, California

A Better Day


Above photo just to prove we are actually back from the land of those who cough all day while doing nothing. We are beginning to realize that we were both really run down as we have been napping most afternoons. Can't wait to get back to normal. Until then, short posts, early to bed, late to rise and naps during the day are the path to getting back to the healthy state where we were a couple of weeks ago.

It dawns on me that it has been months now that I have written every day, maybe this week or so of short posts is also a short non-hiatus, hiatus. For now, keep smiling, (we are) dream your dreams (like us), and know that if you believe (we do), then act (just do it), they CAN come true. (For us they did and continue to come true.) Life is awesome.

Wednesday July 3 Sacramento, California

Closer To A Normal Day


Normal walk today, at least as far as time was concerned. We definitely walked slower than we were before, but we did get in the full 40 minutes. I hate to not write, but that's all for today.

I guess I could write about what led to Linda uttering some very unlady like comments, but I've forgotten what I did to cause the problem. I do remember it was something I didn't remember that caused the problem, so maybe that is telling me something. Chastised Bob.

Thursday July 4 Sacramento, California

Very Close To A Normal Day


I realize that these posts are looking more and more like a broken record, which is probably what they are. Unfortunately when evening rolls around much of my energy has as they say, got up and went. It is so bad that I can barely remember what it was that I did that got me into trouble during the day. Trust me, I did something that I shouldn't have, which was duly noted as well as commented on by Linda, whatever it was. Fulltiming doesn't make your troubles go away, it just makes you realize that what once was a big thing is nothing when you reflect on the wonderful Life you Live. Always remember, Life is not a dress rehearsal. Don't be afraid to laugh, love and retire early. And you best believe that smile on Linda's face in the above photo is real.

Thursday July 5 Sacramento, California

A Different Day


Something different on our walk this morning. No smiling Linda, well there was a smiling Linda but there is no photo of her smiling. It was a day for replacing the cooling unit at the ARCO station down at the corner. This is just to show you that our days are not boring. Every day isn't a day when nothing happens. This photo should prove to you just how exciting our day can be.


Yesterday was the 4th. In California they have this thing called Safe and Sane Fireworks. It makes some money for the groups that run the fireworks stands. It makes millions for the people who "convinced" the politicians to pass the legislation to allow it. Draw your own conclusion as to how they "convinced" the politicians. I have my own.


Softball tournaments in Denver, softball tournaments in South Lake Tahoe. Time for Grandma and Grandpa to watch Justin so Dad can go with Lindsey to Denver and Mom can go with Abby to South Lake. Nothing like a big smile from a grandson to bring a smile to grandma and grandpa. We love you Justin, you are special in more ways than you can ever know.


Pizza by grandma. Okay, so she only put it in the microwave, but it was done with love. Cut into bite sized pieces by grandpa. Nothing like a boy eating to say you did good. We are so lucky.


I can't leave out a photo of Linda. She seems to have turned the corner with her cough. She is her smiling and laughing normal self. She's happy. Bob's happy. It also means there is a great dessert fixed and ready for us to eat tonight. Almond butter, Sugar Free French Vanilla Torani, firm tofu, that's all it takes to make Bob a happy boy. It isn't always what you have, it's what you do with what you have. I am truly blessed to have Linda. As for her having me, well she hasn't left me yet and its been almost 46 years.

Saturday July 6 Sacramento, California

A Different Day


With everybody out of town, it was Justin's day to make sure we did things the right way. For all of what Justin doesn't have that normal people have, he sure does do some things very well. In this case I was busy taking a photo of Justin when Justin started pointing out that I should actually be doing something else. Grandpa quickly realized that what grandpa was doing wasn't what grandpa should be doing. The saying: "Out of the mouth of babes" was never more true. Chastised Grandpa. Smart Grandson.


This is my, every year at this time guilty pleasure. Which is watching the Tour de France. Yesterday we saw one of the towns, Albi, we visited last fall during our time in France. Wednesday it will be Mont Saint-Michel, the place of my dreams, the one place that millions have visited and millions more will. Those who say that they never need to leave the US because there is so much to see here, miss how much there is to the world. Someday I hope to see a stage of the Tour live, watching the peleton stream past. It's okay if you don't know what I am talking about. But do you have something in your Life that most people know nothing about that is your guilty pleasure? Otherwise, why bother to get up in the morning if everyday is the same as the day before and always will be. Have a dream of what might be, then make it happen.


Lest you think Linda and I do nothing all day, you are far from knowing what we do. But then, I am far from telling you the details of what we do. I'll just say that by late afternoon we were both exhausted. Linda had no physical wounds, but she was completely exhausted emotionally and mentally. In my case there was some physical damage as well. As typical, I had been profusely bleeding before I realized I had been cut. The lack of pain is good sometimes, and sometimes it is not so good.

In this case the blood dripping off my fingers meant that any bad stuff was probably washed out of the cuts. Linda claims that someday I will bleed to death and never know I was bleeding. For me, usually the red dots appearing on the floor below where I stand tip me off to the fact I have a deep cut. If Linda is right I will never know. If I am right, I'll never know. See what I mean about not knowing what we do, sometimes we don't even know what we do.

Sunday July 7 Sacramento, California

Sun Day


Linda spent the night at our daughter's house watching Justin. I walked alone this morning. I walked the route we normally walk. I walked very fast. I walked too fast. Tired Bob. Not long after I returned from my walk Linda called for me to come get her as Ed and Lindsey had returned from Denver late last night. No rest for the weary. I shouldn't have walked so fast. As Linda says, I'll never learn.


Sometimes you take a photo and how it turns out is not what you expect. I expected a photo of the music at Church this morning. Look closely, does it seem like a hand is holding up the music stand? How about the blue guitarist at the back left. What can I say, am I good or what. Note the lead guitarist's hand which is a blur. She played so fast for all the songs that maybe that is how her hand normally looks. Any faster and she would be flying.

To quote Langston Hughes: Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

Monday July 8 Sacramento, California

Fun Day


Linda is feeling almost back to normal, and today's walk proved it. We walked at the same pace we were before the attack of the late unpleasantness. She reset the 20 minute timer when we turned around near the park we walk to each day. It went off when we were beside the coach, about 10 feet from where she had started it when we left. Are we consistent or what.


Crepe Myrtle, something that Linda loved when we lived here. Now we have one we can enjoy but don't have to take care of. Happy Linda. She just wishes it was the special dark red color that was her favorite. Doesn't matter, she's still happy.


With this look being an expression of how she felt about me taking her picture as we shopped at Sam's, I can only wonder what it would have been had I taken the bu## shot I started to take before I caught myself. That lesson learned some months ago the last time I posted a bu## shot still makes me toe the line. I have to believe that when she told me I would never post another one, she really, really meant it. Chicken Bob.


Cod chowder, compliments of Linda tonight.


There is not much to it. It is way to easy to fix. It tastes so awesome. Life is very good indeed.

Tuesday July 9 Sacramento, California

Easy Day


Linda just keeps breaking down. This morning it was a toe problem that kept her from walking. That shouldn't be. I am the old one, she's the much younger one. Maybe all those years of having to put up with me have worn her down? At least she gave me a quick lesson in how to operate her iPhone apps, and off I went. I managed to beat our usual time by over 3 minutes, I walk fast on my own, got in 2.98 miles in 40 minutes, 24 seconds. Not bad for an old guy. Speedy Bob.


When Linda isn't feeling well, which really isn't very often, she sometimes acts strangely. This is what met me when I returned from my walk. Our Granddaughter Abby likes to wear different colored socks, but this is way beyond that. It turned out that her regular shoes put pressure on her hurting toe, so her solution was not to wear that shoe. Because of her plantar fasciitis she has to wear the special inserts on her other foot. The sandal on the foot with the hurt toe was her solution. No one must ever look at anyone's feet because we went shopping and people didn't stop and stare at her. I was nice and never once called her "Footie". Good Bob.


We seldom get to see both our son and his twin sister, but today we lucked out. In life we have the choice to be unhappy because of what we didn't get, or to be happy because of what we do get. It's up to us.

Wednesday July 10 Sacramento, California

Another Easy Day


This is not just another Linda getting her app started before our walk photo. It is much more than that. A keen eyed observer would note that Bob has done really good this morning and has likely been given praise by Linda rather than receiving her ire. Note the trash can further down the street that is still in the street. Notice where our trash can is. Awesome Bob, the punctual garbage man. I sure hope Linda doesn't get her hopes up too high that I am trainable because I most certainly am not.


Up early this morning watching the Tour de France. Last fall this was where we were. Wonderful memories. The dream of a Lifetime fulfilled. Before you can do you dream. Once it is done, you say pinch me so I will know it wasn't a dream.


Linda had to taste test tonight's dessert. Dark almond chocolate and ripe strawberries. Smart Linda. Smart Bob for marrying her. And now we return to Living our Dream.

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