Because We Can - Fulltime RV'ing

Where do we plan to go?

We do have some general plans but they are always subject change, mostly because that is what we do, change our plans.

May 2016 Towards Ohio
June 2016 Ohio
July 2016 Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana
August 2016 Michigan
September 2016 Minnesota
October 2016 Texas and South America
November 2016 South America and Texas
December 2016 Texas and California
January 2017 Texas
February 2017 Texas
March 2017 Texas or Africa
April 2017 Heading West or the South Pacific


In 2006 when we first started out to Live this Life our initial travel plans were simple. Just make a grand circle of the country seeing all the relatives we hadn't seen for many years. That was because we lived on the west coast and most of our relatives lived back East. For our first six months that was exactly what we did. Then we noticed we were changing, not by a sudden road to Damascus conversion, but rather by a slow evolution. We realized that whenever we stopped in a locality we really liked, we found ourselves staying for a few days longer than we had originally planned, looking forward to learning more about the history of the area and enjoying our surroundings. We had also availed ourselves to several volunteer opportunities, and discovered that we genuinely enjoyed those interludes in our travels.

The result was a change where we began staying longer in one place and taking more volunteer positions. Some people are daily travelers, but for a time we were what might be called, the occasional volunteer traveler. You will see from our Daily Journal Archives which document our past travels that volunteering then began to play a significant role in our new Life. But things once again changed. In 2008 we had two volunteer stints early in the year, then we took seven weeks off to travel around Europe. 2009 found us without any volunteer stints, instead we spent 3 1/2 months traveling in Europe. Since then the only volunteer positions we have had have also the most rewarding, several times spending a month volunteering at the Escapee Care Center in Livingston, TX during the summer when they have trouble finding volunteers because of the heat and humidity.

We've gone to Mexico in our RV, traveled a number of times to Europe, taking a vaction from our RV travels, and in the fall of 2015 spent several months in the South Pacific. We still have dreams to fulfill, as Linda would like to visit the Galapagos Islands, and I would like to spend Christmas Day on Anarctica. We'd also like to spend more summers in Europe, more time in Mexico during the winter, plus we now have an RV lot in the Rio Grande Valley and in addition we have fallen in love with the South Pacific, meaning return trips to there.

We don't know what the future will hold, but we do know that as long as we remain able, we will embrace whatever it may be and wherever it leads us. So little time and such a big world.



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