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Tuesday May 3, 2016

We Hit the Road Today

We have been off the road for nearly seven months, since September 30, 2015, but our RV travel drought ended today. But as anyone who has been off the road for such a lengthy time knows, breaking camp is hard to do. This is the place where the 'old Bob' would have inserted a parody of Mr. Sedaka's "Breaking up is Hard to Do". Unfortunately you are dealing with the new 'Old Bob' so what you get is Bob saying, "And if it wasn't for Linda, I would never have gotten on the road today." And now for the what really took place as we got ready to leave on our summer travels.


There are so many last minute things to do when leaving after such a long time off the road that I could say I was lucky some of them went right. I'll skip the emptying of the gray and black tanks where nothing went wrong, Good Bob, and even skip the trip to the quick lube to get the Cherokee's oil changed. The latter was an example of leave it to the last minute Bob at his finest.


When you are on roll, you're on a roll, and that was what the status of my life this morning. No problem airing up the tires, then installing the tire monitors. It was "Good Bob" at his finest. Good Bob.


Then one last look at our home this past winter. Then it was time to pull out and hook up the Cherokee. This leaving business is oh, so easy.


One final check of the lights, everything worked just as it should, and we were off. But, then again, sometimes things are all they seem. Moments, or was it hours ago when Linda pulled the Cherokee up behind the coach with me directing her, we got her right and my left crossed, meaning it took several tries to have the Cherokee centered behind the coach so the tow bar arms were in the right position. I gave her the thumbs up, she shut off the engine and came out to watch me. That is the way we always do, I hook up and she watches to make sure I do it right.

She stands there, I put the pin in the passenger side, I move over to the drivers side and put the pin in, not. The Cherokee is still off center, so while she gets back in, I unhook the passenger side, then she backs up and pull forward a little more to her right. That looks great to me and I do a little happy dance as she returns to observation mode. Both arms are center, the safety chains, the air hose, the breakaway cable and electric are easily attached. We unroll the Kargard and she fastens her side. My side is a different story. No matter what I do the bracket just won't drop over the pin. Finally I get out a crescent wrench to loosen the bolts, only to discover there isn't enough clearance, so I get out my socket set and finally get the bolts loose enough to slide the cover forward. It then dropped easily over the pin, NOT. Soon Going To Be Really Upset Bob.

As I took several deep breaths, Linda said, "You have the attachment at the end of the arm on upside down." Darned if she wasn't right. A few seconds later all was right and we were both smiling. It's hard to believe that in the 10 plus years we have lived in the coach we have hooked more times than I can count and I still occasionally manage to have days like today. Sometimes all I can say about the process of getting going is, Bad Bob.


One last view of Retama and we were on our way.


It wasn't like we were going to be late arriving at our night's RV park, because it was only an hour or so away. At least the drive was easy and the tow setup worked just as it should. Happy Bob.


Just to prove Linda is also along on the trip, Ms. Gotta Mop had me on the couch with feet off the floor while she did her thing. Things may not have gone exactly according to plan, but is it ever good to be back on the road again. Life is a balancing act and we are lucky that we get to enjoy our time with friends at Retama, as well as our time out traveling. I'll sum it up by saying, It's good to be back writing again.

Wednesday May 4, 2016

We Visit Bobz World and SPI Today


Once upon a time in a Daily journal far, far away, a fellow named Bob, also often known as Bad Bob, would post a photo looking out the front window of the coach whenever he and his beautiful wife, aka She Who Orders, would stop at a new RV park. The photo above lets readers return to those thrilling years of yesterday when Bob was constantly in trouble and Linda struggled to keep him in line. For what it is worth, the photo from the front just a little over 11 months ago was nearly the same. Elephant Memory Bob.


When we pass a lighthouse we stop. When we stop at a lighthouse that is open we climb to the top. Linda was definitely a far happier making the climb than Bob, the Wuss.


Then to insult his fear of heights, Linda took a photo of my white knuckle hand gripping the rail at the top of the lighthouse. I got the last laugh though because I am only desperately clutching the rail on with one hand. Brave Bob.


South Padre Island in the background. Something tells me it is not going to be one of our favorite places. Aside from that, this is a pretty view with a pretty girl. Lucky Bob.


The great thing about visiting museums is watching how excited the little kids as they explore new things.


Across the causeway and this is the view of South Padre Island. We are going to have to drive further out on the island to get away from this. All I can say is that our travels have definitely spoiled us.


Eventually we did find our own little isolated section of beach. Unfortunately it was at high tide, but that didn't deter Linda from picking a few, well more than a few, pieces of mollusk remains, which she deposited in my hand so I could carry them for her. Obeisant Bob


We also made a stop for lunch, enjoying shrimp and fish tacos. Dessert, however, left much to be desired. We were splitting dessert. It was chocolate cheesecake. Notice the small bite out of the bottom corner of the crust? That was the sum total of my share of the cheesecake we split. It was hardly enough to even get a taste. Note to Bob, the next time Linda wants to split a dessert get in writing exactly what the definition of split is.


Bobz World. I'll let the photo say it all. And just like everyone else who walks through the door, we did buy something, a 32 cent postcard.

Thursday May 5, 2016

Bugs, Did Someone Say Bugs Today


We weren't into Cinco de Mayo today, after all we had three meals yesterday where we ate Mexican food. Then again, most days we eat two Mexican meals so it wasn't all that unusual. What we were into was driving from Harlingen where we spent the last two nights, all of about 106 miles according to Ms. Precise Mileage, to Kingsville where we will spend the next two nights. This travel business is very tough and we need to rest up before each long day of driving.

However, it wasn't the huge number of miles we drove today that caused us problems, it was the bugs. As we left the Harlingen area the first smooshed black winged fly like bugs began to appear on our panoramic windshield. But little were we to know what was in store for us as we proceeded north towards Corpus.


What can I say, the further north we drove the more bugs we encountered. Buggy Bob.


Arrival in Kingsville. We are stopping here to tour the King Ranch and visit the King ranch Museum tomorrow. The question is, are we even going to be able to see anything given the number of bugs there seems to be in the air? Puzzled Bob.


Never underestimate the number of bugs who can commit suicide on the front of a Motorhome.


What I can't understand, looking at this windshield is how anyone could possibly drive through all those bugs and not use the windshield wipers, especially when they had just recently filled windshield fluid container. Could it have had something to do with making the windshield one giant smear?


Maybe we fought bugs all day, but once in Kingsville, it was pure Nirvana. If Linda is a happy girl, Bob is a happy old man. Life just doesn't get better than this.

I'll end with this appropriate thought for the day from Bill Vaughan, "We hope that, when the insects take over the world, they will remember with gratitude how we took them along on all our picnics." Could it be that Mankind is really that insignificant in terms of the universe?

Tuesday May 10, 2016

A Catch Up Day Today


We have not been very good at writing about our travels, especially Linda, and for that I apologize. Making up for it, here is a selfie I took on our day in Kingsville when we toured the King Ranch and visited the King Ranch Museum. As you can guess from the first sentence I have done my best at getting Linda to write our Daily Journal, only to discover that she expects me to write it. You would think that after all these years, I might deserve a break. Not going to happen. No way. Knows His Place Bob.


If I wasn't on my best behavior, I would title this one, Old Cowboy and Old Woman. Since I, at least for moment, am on my best behavior, I'll refer to the cowboy as "Retired Cowboy". Definitely in Big Trouble Bob.


Arrival in Livingston. At some point we are going to be no longer plagued by this wealth of death wish love bugs.


We registered. We drove to our site. We plugged in our electric. Nothing. We had the maintenance person come to the site, he changed out the breaker. Nothing, We moved to a different site. We plugged in the electric. Nothing. We had a Serious Problem. We plugged the refrigerator into the 20 amp outlet in the pedestal with an extension cord to keep it running. Linda got her husband to work on solving the problem.


Problem identified and temporarily solved. The 50 amp surge protector has gone kaput. The temporary solution is, bypass it. The permanent solution, Linda was an Amazon shopper and a new Surge Guard would be here on Tuesday afternoon. We were 3 years past the three year warranty, so no problem in our buying a replacement. The replacement carries a lifetime warranty so that means it will never need replacing. Hopeful Bob.


When it rains it pours. Not that it was raining in Livingston, but when we were washing the Smashed Love Bugs off the front of the coach we discovered the generator cover was in the process of becoming disconnected from the front of the coach. Definitely not good. All three screws that held the passenger side of the cover on had sheared off.


While I was trying to come up with the best way to fix the sagging cover, Linda came up with the perfect solution. I must pause here for a moment and reitinerate what I may have said once or twice before. "Did I marry good or what!" Later I used a grade 8 bolt to really secure the panel, but that was only an improvement on Linda's original idea. Awesome Linda. Thankful Bob.


Tuesday afternoon saw the arrival of the replacement surge protector and installation by Linda and Bob. I list Linda first, because while she didn't do the actually work of installation, she read me all the directions and had whatever was needed, either parts or tools, when needed as needed.


All done and working just as it should. In the meantime, I was emptying the black and gray tanks and our our new Sanicon outlet hose sprang a leak. A few wraps of Rescue Tape and all was well. Let us hope this is the end of our PITA problems. Long day of travel tomorrow. Maybe a post, maybe not. Indecisive Bob.

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