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Back Again


Good intentions are just that. Now it is once again time to actually do something. No big promises. No vows of "Just Do It". The nice thing is that for those, or maybe it is down to no one, but if anyone is still out there, we have been back for some time from our trip to Europe, and it is time to get back to writing.

Recently Linda gave up on me ever writing again, which I guess proves that even if she has been married to me for over 45 years she really doesn't know me. Or maybe it was because she does know me so well. Could it be there is a little Tom Sawyer in her and now she has me painting the fence, so to speak?

In the good intentions department, I still plan to post about each of our day's adventure during our three months in Europe. That will likely never be posted on this website, but over on the Blogger website where I posted during the first part of our trip, and where in the past I reposted the Daily Journal. And I plan to repost the Daily Journal there now that there is something being writing.

I'll end be saying that there has been a little introspection on my part of my non writing of the past several months, and the only conclusion I can come to is: Bad Bob! But all bad things must come to an end, which means with these words I can proclaim once again, Good Bob!

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