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I don't know what you or your "other" does, but I sure know what mine does. Not to keep you in the dark, but this is about the dirt in our lives, and how best to get rid of it. The dirt in this case being the dirt in our clothes, and how best being how to do the laundry when we live in a small space that moves around. Believe me, I find this to be one of the more fascinating topics in the many RV forums, oftentimes one with very passionately held positions.

A perusal of posts on the subject find words such as: all-in-one, stacked, vented, laundromat, cleaners, wrinkles, dog hair, space, time and dollars. But before we go one sentence further don't think for a second I will be telling you what do, after all there are enough people on the forums already to do that. No, what I want to do is look at some of the various points of view, if for nothing else than the entertainment value they have.

Usually the question is presented something like: "How many of you have a washer in your rig", or "Going fulltiming should we get a washer in our rig", or simply, "Did a search couldn't find anything on washers, should I get one"? Believe me, I would never question the intelligence of anyone who asks such a question, particularly the last one, in a forum, mostly because they wouldn't have any intelligence if the had to ask that question. The best part to me is that many of the responses demonstrate the same level of intelligence as the question. Who needs to watch The Big Bang Theory or Duck Dynasty when you can just read the RV forums. Disclosure: I've made my own share of dumb forum posts over the years.

My all time favorite was the reply several pages deep to some asking whether a stackable or all-in-one unit for their new fulltiming rig. The response was that they just took along enough clothes for their trips and did all the laundry when they got back home. (Did they even look at the original question?) On the other hand maybe they just pull a large cargo trailer full of clothes along with them and do laundry at any relatives house they stop at.

As far as all-in-one or stackable, if your choice is between them is really that hard. If you don't have the space or don't want to give up the space a stackable would take, why ask which one is better? Either you have the space or you don't. Besides it's not rocket science to figure out if you can do laundry quicker in a larger separate washer and dryer, or in a smaller combination unit. Wait! I guess it is for some people or they wouldn't ask the question. I also like how someone who has never had an all in one for example, is quick to point out they would never have one and proceed to give all the reasons why a stackable is better. The same thing goes for the person never having a stackable and proclaiming the all in one to the only kind to have.

Reasons for using the laundromat include , saves time, saves money, saves space, gets the wife out of the RV so she doesn't drive me crazy. Have to love that last one. Those are all valid reasons for those people but is it for you? I especially liked the one that went - "We do the laundry once a month, go the laundromat, spend 1 1/2 hours and everything is done." As for me, I'm just curious if they ever change clothes? Once a month? Guess it takes all kinds.

And back to the space thing for a second, I love the post about how they can't have a washer in the 5th wheel because then they wouldn't have any space for their linens. What do they do, change all the towels and sheets everyday? Linda washes our towels once a week and hangs them right back up. As for the sheets, off in the morning, into our washer/dyer, back on later in the day. We have changed the way we do laundry over our years of fulltiming, but it looks like not everyone does.

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