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Itchy Feet


Twice in the past 12 months we have spent a long time in one place. Last spring it was over three months in Sacramento while we were in the process of selling our house. Now we have been at Retama since early November, and that leaves out the three months we spent traveling in Europe last fall. In the past we have done volunteer stints where we were parked for a time, but never to this extent in one year.

That brings me to the point of this tome, itchy feet. There is just something about being on the road, traveling and seeing new places with an occasional visit to some place familiar that we enjoy. That's not to say we haven't really enjoyed Retama, for we have, it's just that for so many years we led a life of travel and without it something is missing.

I've read many forum posts where people say the way they full time changed and evolved over the years, but I have to wonder if it was all for the better. Change at a workplace or in a personal relationship can throw us out of our comfort zone, but those are changes we likely had little to no control over. And that's not to say that financial, health or family among many other things don't affect the full time lifestyle. I guess it is simply that each of us has our own interpretation of what the full time Life is.

I do know one thing, we are far from ready to come off the road and settle down in one place. Still, Linda really enjoys her time at Retama, the chance to not only make new friends but to regularly spend time with them. It's not easy to replicate that on the road, and with her heel problem it looks like her walking is going to be curtailed for some time, meaning the things we normally do are not going to be taking place. Sometime next month our Life will change and we will be back on the road until it is time to return to Retama. As Goethe said: Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.

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