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Looking Back


This month (January 2011) we begin our 6th year living this Life. Looking back we really had no idea of all the wonderful experiences we would have over those many months. Whether it was places or people, we have been truly blessed. More than ever, we are so glad we just up and decided that we too could live the fulltime Life.

Before that, many were the nights we came home form work and while dinner was cooking on the stove, sat down in front of the computer and read the The Adventures of Tioga and George. Then once dinner was over, the dishes done and the next day's lunches made, it was time to return to the computer and bring up Hitchitch and see who else had updated their blog.

Back then there were very few "blogs", and most of those were only updated periodically. Maybe that is why it bothers me when I take my periodical hiatus from writing, the remembrance of those days when no updated blogs meant a sense of loss, and updated blogs gave us an uplift and reason to continue on the path to our dream. And the same could be said for the blogs we read today, though there are several written by people who seem to just be in it only for the money, even to the point of literally begging for contributions, and for whom I have nothing but contempt. Over our years on the road, that wonder of something new has been tempered by the acquisition of experience.

It seems this article is reflecting these past five years, we are basically wandering around. Yes, we did seemingly find ourselves in Quartzsite most January's, and several times we spent February in Mexico, as well as doing several repeat volunteer stints. Along the way we learned that while we enjoyed the volunteer experiences, we weren't into long term commitments, two months being enough, and that once it became the same old thing, we lost our enthusiasm for that particular place.

Our travels took us, not only to many of the States, particularly in the west, but also included two extensive trips to Europe, though not by RV. Whether it was a small town museum in Nebraska or one of the world's greatest museum's in Europe, we experienced the lives and treasures of those who had gone before.

The greatest treasure of all has been the people we have met and the friends we have made. The friends from our previous life have tended to fade away over the years, to be replaced by friends from our new Life. It's one of those things that simply can not have a value placed upon it.

We could post statistics of miles traveled, states visited, dollars spent, etc., and maybe someday we will, but as the years have passed by, those things have receded in importance as we have followed our dreams, and have tried to do what we wanted to do, simply because we can.

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Bob & Linda