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Ever meet someone then loose track of them? We fulltimers seem to be pretty good at this, or maybe it just inherent in this wandering lifestyle. Neighbors in an RV park for a few days, saying goodbye and exchanging the little cards many of us carry. Then we are on our way and without Facebook, a blog, an occasional email, or unexpectedly crossing paths once again, those tenuous bonds that were just formed may very well fade away.

More than once we have searched Facebook and the RV blogging world for some tidbit of information on one of these acquaintances, only to never discover anything about them. I can understand that not everyone necessarily wants to be "found", but for those that do, there is a solution, and it's simply to write a blog. Now before you say that you could never do that, hear me out.

I have been acquainted with a person who was sure they could never write anything that other people would be interested in. The problem wasn't spelling or grammar, it was putting down the words and being able to actually use a computer program to do that. But even more than that, they were sure no one would have any interest in anything they might write. Then came my last long hiatus from writing, and Linda decided she was going to write her own blog.

It happened when she realized it was more important to get something written, even if the writing wasn't exactly what she wanted, the pictures weren't the best, and what she had to say wasn't the most interesting thing in the world. It was hard work for her, and as she struggled though those first few blogs, she accompanied her efforts with various muttered comments that can best be referred to as Appalachian utterances of displeasure and frustration. But in the end she had done it, she had written her blog, and she had done it, not only all by herself herself, but she had done it her way.

She had learned to use Blogger, even though she knew nothing about it when she started. Later she learned to use Windows Live Writer to give it a more polished appearance, but her writing continued to be pure Linda. Her header says: "This blog was created to be a "Cliff Notes" version of Bob's journal, keeping our friends and family updated on our travels, especially when he doesn't write." There is no such thing as a "perfect" blog, there are only people who are willing to be imperfect because they have something to say and are willing to say it.

So to answer all those people who are out there asking, "We were wondering", you can be less that perfect just like the rest of us. Meaning you can write something in a blog whether it be once a week, once a month, or heaven forbid several times a week. And that blog can be polished or bare bones because it really doesn't matter. That's because you can rest assured there are many of us, both out here in the fulltime world, as well as those at home, who will read what you write, smile, and know exactly what you are doing, and in more ways than one.

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